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February  22, 2021

Our CO2 Compensation for 2020

We are proud of compensationg for our carbon footprint and today we recived our CERTIFIED CARBON CREDITS. Since we started our services in October 2020 have, we been compensating 7 tons of carbon dioxide through Shell´s nature-based solutions. Klik here to see our certificate of 2020.

December 14, 2020

New Servicepartner, ASE Handling, executive/VIP handler

After several month of meetings and preparations to meet ASE Handlings high quality level. We are now reedy to help ASE Handling with ground support of their VIP customers in CPH. ASE Handling delivers Executive Handling Services for VIP flights in CPH and ARN, since 2002

September 30, 2020

Today we received our approval from CPH Airport

Today finalizes several months of work of establishing our management and safety systems. We have officially been license approved by CPH Airport to work as a Handling Company in Copenhagen Airport. This means that we are ready to service customers in Copenhagen Airport within the next two weeks.

August 19, 2020

Delivery of our TBL-190 GPU from KALMAR MOTOR

Since we have estalished AGS we have been waiting like kids for the delivery of our TBL-190 GPU. Today, it was delivered by truck from Kalmar Motor. When arriving at CPH the TBL-190 was behind the tarpaulin so we could not see any of it. After passing the security check and arriving at the South part of CPH, the driver unwrapped the truck. We were all extremely happy with what we saw.

July 22, 2020

Hurray! - Airport Ground Service (AGS) IS "AIRBOURNE"


We are pleased to announce that after several month of preparation and hard work, we are ready to present our new company "Airport Ground Service (AGS). AGS is located in the South part of Copenhagen Airport. This means that our new company is ready to provide the best and most accurate service within the airport. We are hoping that AGS will be successful so we can expand our services and expertise within airport services in the future.. 

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